GNT Corporation

Why GNT?

▷Proven quality by major
    game companies
▷On time Delivery
▷Respond 24hrs
▷"Give-and-Take" Culture

GNT is a manufacturer & wholesaler for LCD Monitors with Touch panel, Photo booth, Thermal paper,Thermal  printers, Karaoke player, Arcade games. Founded in 2008,
 We have supplied not only products but also supported  marketing strategies

Who we are

Why different


A Word from
our sales man


1. Who we are

   > GNT is a manufacturer and wholesaler, cooperating with Major R&D and production
      companies ranging from Open frame LCD monitors with Touch panels, Photo booth, Thermal printer and Papers,       Karaoke machine, and Arcade games which have less than 7 and 22 years experience respectively and
      provide on-going support.
GNT produces or deeply involved in ideation and designing of  
      products we are handling.

   > GNT's priorities are 1) QUALITY, 2) Punctuality, 3) CUSTOMER FOCUS, and 4) Win-Win
      Solution oriented which may ideally position us on the forefront of the rapidly developing Entertainment and Display
      industries and especially consumer focus is an understanding of each product requirements, including
      functional localization and OEM production.

Organization / Vision /


2. Why we are different

- Supply only quality proven products
   > We have co-operated with long experienced R&D company and Supplier
      : 25years in Karaoke industry
      : 7Years in Display industry
      : 10Years in R&D for Photo programs
   > Withstand years of heavy public usage / proven quality conducted in the field for at least 6months.

   > Complete system testing
prior to shipment.
ou can be assured that no corners were cut and extra measures were taken to ensure
     optimal usability for years to come.

- GNT's passion to work together with customer bi-lateral co-operationally

- Marketing capabilities;
   > Already have much hands-on experience to successfully launch many products in worldwide
       as marketing manager, sales manager in Worldwide No.1 Company, Oversea marketing director, Vice president in Karaoke and arcade game company.

3. A word from our sales man
  - I know well of how bad to sell poor quality machine. We don't want to allow down time to interrupt your more sales.
According to America marketing association research, one consumer who has bad experience
    tells this bad story to 16 other people to maximum around 200people

  - And I also got a sad experience to have parted from my friends in former company because of
   poor quality photo kiosks which caused long downtime and finally terminated his kiosk
From that time I made a decision not to sell any other machine which quality is poor
   and to focus on consumer     

  - Our customer and consumer focus is an understanding of your  requirements,
    including functional development and manufacturing.
  - We strongly guarantee that;
        > Supply durable machine
        > Timely On-Going Support on "after service & marketing" , and Follow Through
        > On time delivery
  - Lastly even there is no any trade between you and us , it is meaningful and helpful
     for idea to come and go. Isn't it?

  Warmest regards


4. CI "GNT"

 GNT has two meanings; 
   > GNT stands for ��Give-and- Take�� which is  our  willingness to make win-win situation in any trade
    and we strongly believe Give and Take culture is very important  for success in any  co-operation

  > And stands for "Go-and-Take" which is our code of conduct for developing market or solving issues
     or difficulty you suffer


5. Management Profile

  > CEO Mr. Jack Han : He worked for worldwid No.1 consumer imaging company for 15years as       Marketing Manager,  Trade Marketing Manager, Retail Excellence Training Team Leader, Sales       Manager, Sales Man, After Service and worked for middle size Karaoke & game publishing company       for  5years as managing director,vice president, and oversea marketing director.

      So he got a successful or unsuccessful hands-on experience from consumer insight, product       development, production, sales and marketing.
      But he still feel hungry for recommendation from  buyers and want to build up long term business       relationship