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    62,000songs of 15countries

    USB wise Karaoke hooking to external HDD(1Tera bite)

    MTV, MP3+G, VOD copy and song book creation

    No Minimum Order Volume

USB Karaoke Player_Joyful F-1



Basic components

Big remo

Switching box for other  Karaoke connection

Gift box


Name of each part


 62,000Song of 15countries, Monthly Base New Song Update

1. Song copy
: Copy MP3+G, MPG, MPEG, DAT, DVIX Karaoke into external USB memory
               (1Tera bite) by the name of MTV Karaoke with song Number, Song name, Singer name

2. Dual Karaoke play: MIDI Karaoke and MTV Karaoke

3. Melody adjustment: Standard, Off, Middle
4. Echo control: You can adjust MIC echo level

5. System Volume: You can control the volume of Karaoke song playback

6. Coin operation: You can attach coin acceptor

7.Karaoke external light control: This function allow to turn on or off the light

8. Remote in terminal: It allow built-in the wall or furniture by connceting extension line

9. Power Lock: It protect consumer from turning on or off the machine power privetely
10. Play Mode: One song play, Repeat one, Repeat all songs, Random play

11.Tempo Control: Increase Tempo faster or slower

12. Key control: Control by # or b_ 10scales

13. Male Female Key: Select the key for male or female

14. Ruby: This function enables to put phonetic alphabet on the top of lyrics

15. Vocal on and off: Disable or Enable the vocal sound

16. Pause: The playing is paused from the play status

17. Favorite song list: You can save 54songs in special directory for easy song search

18. Song reservation: You can reserve 10 songs

19. Event songs: There is special event song collection

20. NTSC / PAL: Support

21: For More Information: Please Click " Manual Button" on the top


    System: USB Karaoke Player
Input MIC: 10mV(600 ), 2EA
Output: Video- 1Vp p(75) / Audio-2Vrms
Power: DC 12V Adaptor / Consumption-24w
Input Voltage&Frequency: Universal-100~250V AC  50/60Hz
Size: 173mm(W) x 45mm(H) x 146mm(D)
Weight: 380g(Net)


  • Manufacturers - Myhyun Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Designed and Conceptualized and Developed in South Korea
  • Colour - Black - Player & Remote Control
  • Input Voltage & Frequency - Universal - 100V to 250V AC  50/60Hz
  • Includes2 pin adaptor
    - Designed and conceptualized and Developed in South Korea


Terms of sales                                                        

  • MOQ:  1~500 units
  • Payment condition
    - Cash in advance
  • Lead time
    - Within 1~60days
    - Shipping Port: Korea